Chief Operating Officer

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Vacant Position: Chief Operating Officer
About US
Corporate Governance and Responsibility Development Center ( is a
nonprofit organization that promotes Corporate Governance and Responsibility in Iran. The center
is the first Iranian member of the UN Global Compact, board member of Islamic Conference
Youth Forum for Dialogue and cooperation member of GPN360 and vice chairman of ISO 26000
mirror committee in Iran. The Center provides various services on both commercial and
promotional grounds on CSR and CG like consultancy, training, research, etc.
General Summary
CSR-DC currently has a vacant Job opportunities position for a COO (Chief Operating Officer).
The COO would manage the operations including finance, accounting, IT, human resources, etc.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
• Human Resource Management
• External Resource Management
• Project Management
• Documentation and Book Keeping
• Managing the Research Activities and Developing CG Guidelines
Position in Organization
The COO reports to the CEO and the board of directors. COO is going to be in charge of 2
program managers and an executive assistant to manage the operations and projects of the Center
with proper handling of both internal and external resources.
Skills and Characteristics
We are looking for an energetic and organized person who can successfully manage or supervise
several projects in a fast-paced environment. The prospective person should work as a team
member and/or leader and have strong interpersonal abilities. Ability to manage internal and
external resources would be highly desired.
A previous academic background in management, economics, law or accounting would be necessary.
Prior management and/or research experience would be a plus.
Compensation and Working Hours
The base salary for this job would be 1.2 million Tomans. Working hours would be 32 to 35 hours a
week. Greater salaries can be negotiable and depends on the competencies of the applicant.
How to Apply
Please send your resume with a cover letter to

. The cover letter should be in
English and briefly explain why you are interested to this job and why you would fit for this job

Chief Operating Officer
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