Electrical Engineer in saudi

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Electrical Engineer in saudi

Position Description: Saudi Aramco seeks an experienced Electrical Engineer to work with the Northern Area Technical Support Department, RT Technical Support Division/RT Specialists Unit. The Specialists Unit is a multidiscipline engineering unit consisting of Electrical, Rotating Equipment, Process, and Structural engineers providing high level engineering services to the oil producing and maintenance departments. The Engineer should have experience using ETAP software to perform power system load flow, short circuit studies and motor starting analysis. Should have experience in working with electrical power systems from 120 VAC up to 69KvAC in the petrochemical or oil producing industries. The candidate must be willing to act as a mentor for junior level Saudi Arab engineers and shall also be knowledgeable of area classification definitions and the correct application/specification for the hardware required by the classification. Hands on experience working with and troubleshooting un-interruptible power supplies such as by Cyberex, SCI and Gutor.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Project support with respect to scoping, design review, inspection and commissioning of new electrical equipment; review of design packages for compliance with industry and company standards.
Provide technical support to plant maintenance personnel including troubleshooting and forensic analysis of electrical faults


Electrical Engineer in saudi
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