Offshore structural Engineer in MALAYSIA

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Offshore structural Engineer in MALAYSIA

استخدام در خارج کشور

. Lead comprehensive feasibility study and conceptual option leading
to the optimum project development options.
- Develop detail and comprehensive structural engineering study in
implementation project plans .
- Develop detailed plan and approach with regards to technology,
methodology, commonality and analyse impact to project objectives.
- Identify areas for improvement and effective design engineering -
- Optimise facilities configurations; establish / recommend best
configuration; and analyse specific requirement.
2. Lead optimum design analysis and quality evaluation of detailed
design leading to the completion of detailed drawings, manuals,
design report and specification for optimum fabrication by
performing the following activities :-
- Prepare and execute the contracting strategy, technical evaluation
and propose recommendation of various type of design contracts,
and liaise with other departments on the overall implementation.
- Review design requirement and schedule. Define contract scope of
work for various activities e.g. facilities design, procurement of
long lead equipment, services, fabrication, hookup & commissioning
,offshore lifting and installation. Determine competent and
qualified bidder for tendering exercise.
- Ensure Contractor's compliance to contractual requirement in
project design engineering.
- Coordinate, supervise, review, recommend and provide feedback on
issues between Carigali's internal department, contractor and
vendors to meet overall project objective on cost, quality,
schedule and safety.
- Develop project cost estimate. Prepare and review specific project
budget for approval. Assists rightful claims for changes in works,
involving addition and deletion of scope and actual work
3. Development of equipment specifications, bid enquiry package and
provision of engineering services for the purchase of company
supplied equipment / materials.

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Offshore structural Engineer in MALAYSIA
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