Project Manager in USA

مجموعه  آگهی استخدام سراسری / استخدام خارج کشورارسال شده در   12 امرداد 1390-03 August 2011بازدید 1746

Project Manager in USAa

Our client is actively recruiting a project manager on a contract basis - the start date will be ASAP. Ideal candidates will get interviews immediately.

All candidates must be eligible to work in the USA to be considered as no visa sponsoring is available.

Ideal candidates will have the following :

*Project management experience

*Oil and Gas experience

* Water injection experience would be advantageous

*FPSO experience

Experience of managing multiple value projects

Please submit your resume in word format and all suitable candidates will receive a call to discuss the specification in depth.

Rates for the contract are negotiable and the start date is ASAP!!

Status: Contract

Required Skills/Experience: Project Management

Desired Skills/Experience: Project management, oil and gas, water injection

Location: Houston, UNITED STATES

Advert Published: 3 Aug 2011

Expiry date: 17 Aug 2011

Air Energi Ref. No.:

OilCareers Ref. No.:

Work Permit Requirements: UNITED STATES
(Applications will only be considered from people who are authorised to work in this location by being a national of that country or region, or by holding a valid work permit.)

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Project Manager USA
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