Front End Engineering in MALAYSIA

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Front End Engineering in MALAYSIA

استخدام خارج کشور

Front End Engineering
Principal Accountabilities :

Conceptual Study
Develop and perform strategic conceptual studies for sanctioning new
development projects to ensure technical feasibility, integrity and most
optimal cost in support of monetisation of assets.
Develop and perform strategic conceptual studies for asset acquisition
to ensure continuous capture of asset growth.
# Timeliness
# Value creation

Project Execution Plan
Develop and perform project execution plan encompassing contracting
strategy, scheduling and phasing, cost estimates and risk mitigation
especially for frontier area to ensure better proficiency in project
# Timeliness
# Value creation

Technology Application
Develop the application of strategic low cost technologies (deepwater,
unmanned platform, Wet Pipeline Scheme, marginal oil field and high CO2
gas field, Concrete Base Storage, Self Installed Platform, spars,
floaters) in line with enhancing development of domestic reserve and
global competitiveness in country of interest.
Participate in the pursuance in the development of technology advent to
meet new challenges in project and operational requirement.
# No of technologies accepted to be implemented

Project Database
Develop and establish enhanced project database by networking with
relevant parties i.e other operators, partners, vendors, contractors and
Carigali Experience Sharing Database to benchmark PCSB competitive edge
in line with industry practice.
# Quality

Advisory Role
Prepare, review and provide inputs and recommendations to other
disciplines and other project technical documents such as Area
Development Plan, Field Development Plan, Conceptual study options,
specialized studies, reports and recommendation of line review, Scope of
Work of design package (CTR) to be consistent with PETRONAS and host
government procedures and guidelines.
# compliance
# value creation

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Front End Engineering MALAYSIA
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