Job Opportunities UNDP Caspian Hyrcanian Forest Project in Chaloos
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    نتایج کارشناسی ارشد 95 نتایج ارشد 95 دفترچه کارشناسی ارشد دانشگاه آزاد امریه سربازی استخدام تامین اجتماعی استخدام شرکت نفت استخدام آموزش و پرورش استخدام بانک پذیرش بدون کنکور منابع کارشناسی ارشد منابع دکتری استخدام شهرداری آگهی استخدام پليس استخدام نیروی انتظامی لیست همایش های بین المللی لیست سمینار لیست کنفرانس سالن همایش مقاله ISI دانشگاه پيام نور استخدام بانک پاسارگاد سازمان سما استخدام بانک شهر استخدام بانک گردشگری آگهی استخدام بانک صادرات استخدام بانک پارسیان پودمانی علمی کاربردی 95 استخدام دولتی استخدام استانداری استخدام آتش نشانی استخدام وزارت نيرو استخدام ديپلم استخدام برنامه نویس استخدام حسابدار نمونه سئوالات کارشناسی ارشد نمونه سئوالات دکتری ارزشیابی مدرک دانشگاه پیام نور فراگير دانشپذير مدرک دیپلم مدرک کارشناسی انتخاب رشته کنکور سراسری 95 عدح.هق daneshgah پردیس دانشگاهی شهریه دانشگاهها آگهی استخدام تهران azad karshenasi arshad kardani peyvasteh azmoon konkoor mba مجازی mba یکساله مدرک mba
 آگهی استخدام سراسری / استخدام شرکت های خارجی          30 فروردین 1393 - 19 April 2014

Job Opportunities UNDP Caspian Hyrcanian Forest Project in Chaloos

All applications should be directly sent to the Human Resources Unit of UNDP through email ID:  no later than 26 April 2014.  Please take note that the vacancy notice number must be referred to in your application and/or cover letter.  The TORs are attached to this message. 


Brief Description:
The project will conserve biodiversity in key landscapes within the Caspian broadleaf deciduous forest ecoregion. The ecoregion is recognised for its high levels of endemism; it is also an important storehouse of threatened species. It will do this by strengthening the national and local policy framework governing land use in the Caspian forests (which cover an area of approximately 1.8 million hectares), enhancing the rights and roles of the local communities in their management and demonstrating ways and means of improving management (including land use planning, zoning, compliance monitoring and enforcement).

The project will trigger a paradigm shift from sector-focused management to multiple use management, to reduce the conjunction pressures arising from different land uses.  It will put in place the necessary policy and regulatory mechanisms needed to mainstream biodiversity conservation considerations into land use plans and build the capacities of key institutions to implement the reformed planning and management approach. The project is thus consistent with GEF Strategic Objective 2 of GEF 5: Mainstream biodiversity conservation and sustainable use into production landscapes, seascapes and sectors and in particular Outcome 2.1: Increase in sustainably managed landscapes and seascapes that integrate biodiversity conservation. The successful implementation of this project will set the foundations for replication of the approach in other important forest ecosystems across the country.

The project will be responsible for achieving the following project objective: “To put in place a collaborative governance system and know-how for managing a mosaic of land uses in the Caspian Hyrcanian forest that provides habitat integrity and helps maintain landscape level ecosystem functions and resilience”. The proposed project is designed to lift the barriers to establishment of a landscape approach to the management of biodiversity. The project comprises three complementary Outcomes, which will be cost-shared by the GEF and co-financing:
•    Outcome 1.   An enabling policy and regulatory framework
•    Outcome 2. Institutional and staff capacity strengthening for multiple-use forest management
•    Outcome 3.   Community piloting of integrated forest management

Scope of Work

The National Policy and Regulatory Framework Revision Consultant will contribute to the delivery of tasks under the project’s Output 1.2 “Inter-sectoral coordination mechanisms established and national regulations and policies (inventory, function mapping and zoning, carrying capacity and utilisation plans etc.) for planning and management for Caspian Hyrcanian forest landscapes based on biodiversity mainstreaming needs reviewed and adopted”. This will be achieved through accomplishment of a thorough review and suggestion of amendments of the national policy and regulatory frameworks in-line with requirements of the biodiversity conservation mainstreaming into forestry sector as well as other relevant sectoral entities. This process will be conducted with supervision and support of National Project Manager (NPM), International Project Advisor (IPA) and the Senior National Advisor (SNA).

Expected outputs and deliverables

    The National Policy and Regulatory Framework Revision Consultant will undertake the following specific tasks:
1.    Develop the roadmap and proposal (including contents list of the report) for doing the review of national policy and regulatory frameworks based on requirements of biodiversity mainstreaming, multiple-use forest management and participatory management of forest resources.
2.    Conduct the review and prepare report with specific recommendations for improvements. The review should include national and subnational policy and regulatory frameworks for forest governance. It should analyze barriers for multipurpose forest management strategy, and engagement of potential stakeholders, especially local communities in forest management and forest conservation.
3.    Review mega (or upstream documents) regulatory acts of The Twenty Year Vision Initiative of Iran (2005-2025),  General Policy of Islamic Republic of Iran, National Development Plans, and related Cabinet Enactments in term of forest management and forest biodiversity conservation.
4.    Analyze direct and indirect regulations related with multipurpose forest management strategy in other governmental sectors (FRWO, DoE, The Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, Organization of Rural Cooperatives of Iran, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Cooperative, labor and social welfare, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Organization Of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, And Tourism, and …..)
5.    Review international best practices and incorporate into recommendations
6.    Review and define the regulation and policy frameworks in relation to forest planning and management and land use planning and identify contradictions or critical gaps which may hamper the implementation of multipurpose forest management planning.
7.    Address legal barriers to shift from sectoral forest management to multipurpose forest management
8.    Highlight legal barriers to involving local community in multipurpose forest management
9.    Address potential capacities in Parliament, Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, Department of Environment, FRWO, for establishing suitable legal framework, facilitating multipurpose forest management plan and local community engagement.
10.    Address legal and regulatory mechanisms for establishing inter sectoral cooperation among main stakeholders of Caspian forests. 
11.    Prepare proposal for adoption of policy and regulatory frameworks based on the results of the review.
•    The roadmap and proposal for doing the review;
•    Report on review of national policy and regulatory frameworks of forest management;
•    Periodic progress reports as and when needed (at least mid-term and terminal);
•    Proposal on adoption of the policy and regulatory frameworks in line with requirements of biodiversity mainstreaming and multiple forest management;
All reports and other deliverables will first be prepared in English, and following approval will be translated into Farsi by the consultant. Printing and distribution costs will be handled separately by the project.

Institutional Arrangements

•    The contract for the National Policy and regulatory Framework Revisions Consultant will be issued by FRWO (NPD) as the Implementing Agency.
•    The authority to directly supervise the National Policy and Regulatory Framework Revisions Consultant lies with the Implementing Agency (NPM/NPD);
•    The National Policy and Regulatory Framework Revisions Consultant will directly report to, seeking approval/acceptance of outputs from the Implementing Agency (NPM/NPD) with a copy to IPA and SNA;
•    All reports provided by the National Policy and Regulatory Framework Revisions Consultant should be in compliance with requirements of UNDP/GEF formats and standards;

Duration of work and payment modality
The National Consultant will work for up to 50 working days in a period of 3 months.
The national consultant will receive an advance payment equal to 20% of the total lump-sum of the services upon signing of the contract. The remaining 80% will be paid at the end of the contract after full delivery of services approved by NPM.


•    Advance university degree (PhD or Masters’ degree) in forestry, forest governance, natural resources management or any other relevant filed;
•    At least 10 years of progressive experience in working in the field of forest governance, policy and regulations;
•    Proven experience on strategic thinking and planning;
•    Proven ability in working with international teams;
•    Experience of working in the Caspian Forests;
•    Excellent command of written and spoken English is a must.

Financial Proposal:
All interested applicants should offer a financial proposal along with their application letter. The financial proposal will weigh 30% of the total rating.

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